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Manon Wow l'eau turquoise, les caraibes sous la glace! ;)

Kateli C'est un peu ça !! Hihihi !

Satoshi T Great contrast of still and movement!

Kateli Thank you very much @Satoshi T.

vera superb colors! from top to bottom!

Kateli Thank you @vera !!

tigg First person I have seen with the EM1 II. Congratulations.

Kateli Thanks. I'm like a little girl with a new precious toy !! I've got to get to know it a bit better though !
I'm not the first ! My coach has one too !!

tigg Coach? Photography coach?

Kateli Yep ! Her name's in the title !!

tania Again ! I love it ! How did you get those colors ?? I've tried but this morning was only grey and grey....

Kateli Lightroom ! My dear Lightroom ! I got the same grey dull light this morning at 8 o'clock so I decided to brighten my photo up with LR ! ;O)

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