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Maksym Rudek Great! Tag somehow photos made by Fujian. I bought one too, I will get it on wednesday for my OM-D E-M10 and share some effects!

Paweł Kadysz Cool. I'll be tagging it with "Fujian-35mm".

Maksym Rudek Can't wait to see this lil bro in action ;)

Michał Hey, I've bought this lens too! Almost a year ago, after reading the same article I guess :) Most of the time it's down in the drawer, but when I mount it on the camera, it's difficult to change it to something "normal". Good idea with tagging fancy lenses. I've already got one here, so just updated it's tag :)

Marcin Połowianiuk This lens probably has every optical flaw you can possibly imagine, but on the other hand it provides A LOT of fun.
Can't wait to see your photos from the Fujian! Good luck and have fun :)

bistronomia Dokładnie dzisiaj złożyłem zamówienie na tego szalonego "bokehowca"

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