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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#5 22/365
516 streak
Day 1,482
Left for me to clean it up.
Day 1,481
Good wires
Day 1,480
Gone poly
Day 1,479
Or am I? #theme-wtf
Day 1,478
New custom - to give a name to a low-pressure area. Whatever. Luckily no damage in my area.
Day 1,477
Sherlock in the evening
So very lazy Sunday. In every aspect.
Day 1,476
Day 1,475
Ham and cheese
Some food-porn today.
Day 1,474
Recycle and so on...
Day 1,473
Day 1,472
Go green
Busy day, but in the meantime, I got my PV power plant up and running. Now, where's the sun?
Day 1,471
Safety mark
Day 1,470
Sweet afternoon
Late morning coffee, well more like the afternoon one. With home mage donuts. All great, but my diet...
Day 1,469
Denim skirt
This is the result of the sewing machine My wife caught the bug and already ordered a handful of rainb...
Day 1,468
Gliwice by night. Going for a meeting with old friends.
Day 1,467
Tropical island
Designed and devoured by my little girl.
Day 1,466
Project Hail Mary
I managed to find some time to read around the New Year's break. Decided I'd go with something entertaining and Andy Weir turned out...
Day 1,465
Random electronics.
Day 1,464
Sitting ball
They say it's a good alternative to the chair. Well, for short periods, maybe.
Day 1,463
Test drive
My wife spent the evening trying out various options available in our new ̶t̶o̶y̶ sewing machine. Didn't know it can be that advanced.
Day 1,462
Day with music
A whole day with all times greatest music thanks to Radio 357. Lazy beginning of the new year.
Day 1,461
Old recording
Amazing, such an old device and record which can still play music.
Michał finished 365 project #4!
Day 1,460
It got me on our short vacation at the sea side. Last months I posted streak-pics mostly. But thanks to the tookapic my camera does not gather d...
Day 1,459
Amber manufactures