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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 141/365
750 streak
Day 871
Hanging around
Today I managed to take my streak pic "in the meantime". Busy days.
Day 870
Chives of shame
It was a busy day closed with a painful streak-pic. Maybe I could even work this out a bit, but just after turning on the camera, it c...
Day 869
Watering floor
Our freshly placed floor needs watering for a couple of days. It's called conrcete curing and seems to be an important process. Quite a...
Day 868
Lily of the valley
My little girl's b-day bouquet.
Day 867
Liquid cool
Paying a family visit. How could I refuse?
Day 866
No photo, please...
Time flies. My little girl turned four today! And what a coincidence, we also had a sunny afternoon. Quite an occasion, so I wante...
Day 865
Flat blade screwdriver
Still cold and depressing outside. Feels like late autumn. And the screwdriver was just on top of the drawer with everything.
Day 864
Everybody's talking about the weather
Where the hell is spring?
Day 863
Sky ablaze
Interesting sunset.
Day 862
To ∞
Sony's live view at Samsung for the #theme-products.
Day 861
Next level
Level 1: https://tookapic.com/photos/392724 Level 2: https://tookapic.com/photos/681951 Level 3: Regular bike. So far so good. Took my acti...
Day 860
Drab urbanscape
Streak pic and unpleasant weather.
Day 859
It was quite close. No other pic from today.
Day 858
Gorillapod with a very handy ball head featuring in the #theme-products.
Day 857
De Witte Zwaan
Belgian #beer - a practical souvenir from my parents' last trip. Busy day and a quick shot for the #theme-products.
Day 856
5-8 min.
Evening #tea featuring in the #theme-products.
Day 855
Bus lane
#Colza prime time. Everyone's taking those #yellow photos, so am I. Spent something about half an hour driving around the nearby fields takin...
Day 854
Trans-Europ Express
Even with two players, this game is still entertaining. But I lost today.
Day 853
Close to the ground
At in-laws garden.
Day 852
Firing up
BBQ at the beginning of May? Of course, it's an ancient tradition.
Day 851
Buzzing around.
Day 850
Day 849
Construction site after a rainy weekend.
Day 848
On one leg
Despite the rain and temperature drop, it was a nice weekend. Ended with one round of Running Snails and a few more games in the afternoon.