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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#4 268/365
397 streak
Day 1,363
Ok, at this very moment just pretending to drive.
Day 1,362
Lawn mower
Some gardening.
Day 1,361
Coffee time
Later in the afternoon.
Day 1,360
With raspberry mousse.
Day 1,359
Luckily, my fingers are intact after this pic.
Day 1,358
Brewing ginger tea with some spices. Calm day.
Day 1,357
Visiting my primary school after so many years. This time my kids could explore the building and classes during a family picnic. Met my old...
Day 1,356
Socket outlets
Busy day, hence the streak pic. But I managed to connect those two socket outlets in our bathroom. Almost two years after we moved into...
Day 1,355
Day 1,354
In the waiting room.
Day 1,353
Day 1,352
Heather time
Day 1,351
Universal souvenir
Day 1,350
Before performance
Day 1,349
Szyb Maciej
Higlight of a day in the dark. Didn't know that place is so cool in the evenings. It was good to talk and have a pint of beer with friends...
Day 1,348
And again streak pic. It is getting dark too early.
Day 1,347
Busy day.
Day 1,346
Painful streak pic. But not a bad day. And a great evening with an old friend.
Day 1,345
Epic fail
This is what happens when you load photo paper upside down. The next prints were much better.
Day 1,344
Perfect bikie ride in the morning.
Day 1,343
Breathe fire
Entertaining show.
Day 1,342
Recently I decided I need a photo printer. From the economic perspective, it's a kinda irrational purchase - prints from the photo labs are usual...
Day 1,341
Resistance band
Oh crap, I almost forgot about today's pic.
Day 1,340
Food preparation
Trying out a new diet.