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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#6 36/365
896 streak
Day 1,862
Good snow. Great day. Well, except the traffic jam on the way home which was just awful.
Day 1,861
With mirrorless you need juice. Usually, a lot of juice. #theme-gear
Day 1,860
Simple, yet durable and overall fantastic camera strap from Peak Design. It's been with me for years. #theme-gear
Day 1,859
Mobile lens
Don't underestimate the photo gear you have always in your pocket. #theme-gear
Day 1,858
I don't think you can find anything cheaper and smaller than this Chinese toy lens. In fact it is designed for CCTV cameras, but adapters are c...
Day 1,857
I got carried away during Black Friday. But it was a good deal. Really. A few weeks have passed and I didn't have chance to feel it properly, yet. A...
Day 1,856
Xmas box
To be reopened again in December.
Day 1,855
Lots of footage, some ideas. All I need need is now some free time and patience to do a video montage.
Day 1,854
Reflecting goggles
Day 1,853
Ski school
Kto się najlepiej wpycha do bramki? Baranki!
Day 1,852
Snow machine
No fog today. Almost.
Day 1,851
Another low visibility day.
Day 1,850
Thick layer
In-cloud skiing.
Day 1,849
In deep fog.
Day 1,848
Day 1,847
Regional stall.
Day 1,846
Hard case
Checklist before a short winter break: - photo/video gear ✓ - ski ✓ - all the rest... ✓
Day 1,845
Day 1,844
Loosing my hair
Day 1,843
Up high
Day 1,842
High time to choose photos for the annual calendar with the kids. Grandparents' day is approaching fast.
Day 1,841
A big one.
Day 1,840
Climb in the morning.
Day 1,839
Hello GoPro.