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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 265/365
29 streak
Day 995
Goodbye hammock
Day 994
Sticky session
Sundeck care continued. Still, some work left to be done.
Day 993
Graduation tower
Quite a new attraction in #Gliwice, opened this summer. Biked ther with my son and had a nice afternoon together.
Day 992
High pressure
I thought I'd need one, maybe two hours to clean our sundeck. Well, 3 hours later I did barely half of it. Need to continue tomorrow.
Day 991
Some wood works in the afternoon.
Day 990
My vision after 12 hours of on-line meeting. #theme-out-of-focus
Day 989
Dirty glasses
Last year I had to admit I need glasses. It seems like mine are equipped with a dirt magnet. #theme-out-of-focus
Day 988
Spider at work
We have a lot of them in our backyard. Fat ones, with huge webs.
Day 987
The first happened two years ago. My little girl and her tree have grown so much since then! #theme-fruit
Day 986
Back home for a while. My little girl helping with heather planting.
Day 985
Dream catcher
Some reflections in the empty corridor.
Day 984
Sun o'clock
The day started with clouds and rain, but a nice sun came out in the afternoon.
Day 983
Morning coffee
Harsh morning light casing shadows everywhere.
Day 982
IV Pump
Drip after drip.
Day 981
Another fascinating week at the hospital has started.
Day 980
The white stripes
Or black?
Day 979
Not the best spot for capturing lightning. And not so much luck either - most of the strokes were very close to the edges of the frame. So,...
Day 978
Home cinema with kids.
Day 977
Grass trimmer
One of the new toys... erm tools, of course.
Day 976
Found a hole in a cloudy sky. #theme-weather
Day 975
Wet hook
No hammock today. #theme-weather
Day 974
Change of the weather
Clouds and temperature drop. Feels like autumn. #theme-weather #gliwice #radio-tower
Day 973
Plum pie
One of my new neighbors become a dad for a second time. Usually, that's a proper reason to celebrate in a men's company. So we did! That was...
Day 972
Unexpected rain in the morning.