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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#7 104/365
1,329 streak
Day 2,295
Seasonal visit.
Day 2,294
In the fields
Finally, got some time to cycle around in the evening.
Day 2,293
Waxing crescent
Quick streak-pic.
Day 2,292
Horse chestnut leaf
Green on gray.
Day 2,291
Quite late, but nice.
Day 2,290
Sunset silhouette
All pics from today's sunset came out boring - except this one.
Day 2,289
Photographers wake up early to catch good light. Those men here are going to catch something else.
Day 2,288
Cherry bud
A quick one in the backyard. It was a very busy Saturday, but I managed to complete the main tasks from the todo list for today.
Day 2,287
To bee
A new home for the new generation of Mason bees.
Day 2,286
Air bubbles
Late night streak-pic.
Day 2,285
Kids' currency. Sometimes it's required.
Day 2,284
April weather
Rain and no-rain.
Day 2,283
Little girl and the big tree
Easter walk.
Day 2,282
Easter egg
Sure, there were more.
Day 2,281
Morning tree
I hoped for more interesting sunrise. It was rather dull and I was already going back to sleep. But then I noticed this tree, which did t...
Day 2,280
Busy, but not a bad day.
Day 2,279
@ car wash
Day 2,278
Day 2,277
Morning light
Day 2,276
Just shapes.
Day 2,275
Lime climbing hold
A little bit of family stretching.
Day 2,274
Bud opening
Day 2,273
Brass Lancashire
Interesting game. Quite simple rules, yet lots of possibilities. But imagine 4 geeks playayers truing to get as much points as possib...
Day 2,272
Nikiszowiec at night.