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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 236/365
845 streak
Day 966
Terrible does not describe this day.
Day 965
Cup of coffee
Late afternoon. #theme-holding
Day 964
I've lost the old one somewhere. #theme-holding
Day 963
Connecting people
It's still operational. #theme-holding
Day 962
After business hours
Hanging out with colleagues.
Day 961
Roses are white
Objectively speaking the day wasn't that bad, but I feel down. I need some proper sleep.
Day 960
Kids had fun at grandparent's garden. #theme-summer-tones
Day 959
Red one
At my in-laws' vegetable garden. #theme-summer-tones
Day 958
Double rainbow
One afternoon, two rainfalls and sun in between. #theme-summer-tones
Day 957
Before the movie
They've started playing the new Tarantino's movie and kids are out. So there's no better opportunity to visit a cinema. From the very...
Day 956
Ice cream
Passing by ice cream place.
Day 955
Modern facade
I'm a bit tired with those busy days and not in the photography mood at all. Just trying to save my streak. Oh, and it's the same buildi...
Day 954
Quick edit before losing my streak, but only this one pic. The rest from yesterday will have to wait for better times.
Day 953
Bench by the lake
Family day. Bikes, rope-park, water plays, and nice weather.
Day 952
Long, emotional day.
Day 951
Simple #theme-sky-slices.
Day 950
Under the small tree
At the playground with my little girl, quickly looking for the #theme-sky-slices frame.
Day 949
Transmission tower
Found something for the #theme-sky-slices. Then, I got sad news.
Day 948
Distant storm
In the afternoon I had to walk from the office to the parking place in the pouring rain. Later, storms were approaching us from differen...
Day 947
Today passed so quickly, I barely caught last light for the #theme-sky-slices.
Day 946
Fruit preserves
Got a few jars of plums.
Day 945
There was a pretty nice light during the golden hour, but with an empty battery, I was able to take the test shot only.
Day 944
Will it rain?
Yes, but just a little bit. Busy day and relaxing evening.
Day 943
Harvest time
Went on a short bike ride around golden hour.