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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 82/365
691 streak
Day 812
Crocuses carpet
In our park.
Day 811
Organizing green spots
Green spots around the city are being actively cleaned up and organized after winter.
Day 810
Spring Equinox
A little bit of #greenness in a pot.
Day 809
I could imagine lots of more exciting things to do during a short break from work, but there is also a home-related backlog.
Day 808
Plastering machine
Soon, we will have plastered walls.
Day 807
Filter holder
Afternoon coffee for the #theme-caffeine.
Day 806
The next level of #spring.
Day 805
Regulating unit
An important piece of underfloor heating installed.
Day 804
@pawelkadysz suggested the #theme-brands should be easy. Well, indeed, this is the simple one.
Day 803
Greek spirit
A special drink for a special occasion. Today I'm closing another chapter of my professional career. I have mixed feelings, but looking f...
Day 802
Fruit company
I have been using mac for a year or so, but tomorrow I will give it back. The design is slick, no question about that, but for some reas...
Day 801
Good ones. #theme-brands
Day 800
I love my #watch because it doesn't require charging, meaning it wins with any smart-watch in this category. But you have to remember to u...
Day 799
First signs
Still struggling, but #spring seems to be waiting around the corner.
Day 798
My Ironwoman in action.
Day 797
If it's March 8th, then we're having sushi for dinner. A lot of sushi.
Day 796
Holding hair together. #theme-womanhood
Day 795
They say womanhood and lipstick go hand in hand, so here it is for the #theme-womanhood.
Day 794
Crushed stone
New parking places anticipated.
Day 793
Smart switch
A new package from China arrived.
Day 792
Finally, things progressing a bit at our construction site. Electrical installation is almost done and plumbing is underway.
Day 791
West World
Unwisely, I've started watching the second season.
Day 790
Holding light #3
Got this small RGB light bulb today. #holding-light.
Day 789
Fat thursday
If I remember correctly, this was my 6th donut today.