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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 336/365
100 streak
Day 1,066
Day 1,065
With or without?
Movember ( has ended. For a brief moment, I was deliberating what to do with my fresh-grown mu...
Day 1,064
Digital tent
Until I've looked at the pic on a large screen, I didn't notice the dust. Too lazy to retake though. #theme-triangles
Day 1,063
Chess game
Bro and sis, playing together.
Day 1,062
The 3D printer can be useful. For example, you can print a drawer for some 3D printer accessories.
Day 1,061
Winter mood
#theme-triangles at the end of quite a busy day.
Day 1,060
Shaping light
A desk lamp for the #theme-triangles.
Day 1,059
Parking locks
Found #theme-triangles.
Day 1,058
Finally! One of the professional exams I was about to take over a year ago. In covid times it's possible to take those from home, which is fine...
Day 1,057
Vase with light
The season for the fairy lights pics has begun.
Day 1,056
Just catching the last minutes of the daylight.
Day 1,055
Water thickets
I was driving past a pond with some ducks hanging around. Having a few spare moments I stopped there and walked closer. Just after a fe...
Day 1,054
Close-up for the streak-pic.
Day 1,053
Lego sorting is a never-ending story. And this is just a fraction... #theme-chaos
Day 1,052
While looking for some subject for the streak-pic, I've found this paper flower. Crafted quite some time ago by the kids.
Day 1,051
AC/DC adaptors
Day 1,050
Little ones
Found in the flower pot outside.
Day 1,049
Calibration cube
Adjusting my 3d printer - yet another time-consuming hobby.
Day 1,048
Radio 357
Kolejna "testowa" audycja nowego radia wybrzmiała! Trochę kwestii technicznych do poprawy, ale klimat pozostał. Jeśli brakuje Ci starej dobr...
Day 1,047
Wrong size
We've found quite a big area for hanging some prints. No fancy frames, no particular order - just a large collage made of our photos. Half...
Day 1,046
An afternoon with a new game. It appealed to everyone.
Day 1,045
Friday on Tuesday. Cool!
Day 1,044
Looking up
Just below the radio tower, there are two small fountains with still water perfect for reflection photos. But at this time of year, they're...
Day 1,043
Had a good bike ride today. Took some photos as well. By the way, does the S-cuvre match #theme-letters?