Margie Not easy to capture birds in motion and in my opinion you did a wonderful job! Saw the one leg.

Kateli Oh ! Thanks so much ! I've been so frustrated all day !! I went down to the lake three times ! :Oo

Margie I totally get that. I am spending entirely too much time trying to pick which capture of a burned out building to post! You are lucky to have that lake.... better than abandoned buildings.

craig Very nice indeed very sharp! I spotted the one legged one! The fish sometimes bite a leg off :(

Kateli Thank you ! Did you go bird hunting again today too ??!

craig I was down by the woods today but there was nothing around :(

Kateli We're getting terrible light conditions at the moment. It's bleak and dull. I can't wait for a spot of sun. I love your +feather photo !!!

vera superb! the birds looks very gracious!

Kateli Thank you @vera ! I thought they looked like a comma (une virgule), all going in the same direction...

vera That's true!

Satoshi T They are beautiful shapes as a whole!

Kateli Thank you Satoshi T. !! :O)

Luc So great picture ! amazing !

Kateli Thank you very much !!

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