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Madgdalena I was scared. :D Slimy place :D

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Madgdalena Generally I'm a fearful person, so being in this place was a big adventure for me - I heard my heart beating mixed with every little voice from the stairway. :D I have other photos from this place, but they're not good as this one. :(
Next time, I'll go with somebody there. :D

agnieszka bladzik nice place :)

Madgdalena Thanks. :) Yes, it's nice but I must to change old tenements as a topic of my photographs, I had a heart attack three times in this week. :D

Przemysław Buzdygan Whoah! Great! Im always have such view in my head when Im in places like this! But never could captured moment like You...

Madgdalena It was a bit of luck. :D

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