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bvphotosnap Thank you so much @agnieszka_wyslowska! You can't see me but know that you've put a huge smile on my face!! ☺

Tomasz Dolata Flying heart .... as your inspiration in photography !!! outstanding :)

bvphotosnap Many thanks @Tomasz for your very kind words!! ☺

Marzenka You love books, I think :) Beautifull!

bvphotosnap Thank you @Marzenka very much! ☺

Margie Genius and also heartfelt. Beautiful concept and execution. Love it!

bvphotosnap Thanks very much Margie!

Kateli Love it !!

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @Kateli!

Kazziz Your imagination impresses me every time, BV.

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @Kazziz!

Romain Wow @bvphotosnap ... you took the shot at the perfect angle... I saw this pose already a few times here... but yours is one of the best....

bvphotosnap Thank you so much @Romain! I have already done this in December "Everybody loves a good book" but it was nice to do it again ☺

Romain I prefer Today's picture....

Roman Czarny Amazing shot

bvphotosnap Thank you very much Roman!

jayce You definitely have a deep sense of composition. Elegant creativity

bvphotosnap Thank you Jayce for your very kind words! ☺

freyr And the central part of the pic contains the emoticon I would use to describe it! (:

bvphotosnap ☺ Thank you so much @freyr!

baileykracke Love the colors and the emotion put through

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @baileykracke!

hilda Ok

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