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Katrina Yu I used to "watch" a lot of Japanese magazines way wayyyy back. (watch because I can't read Japanese 😂) I always loved their photos and composition.

Aneta Muszkiewicz Wow... It looks amazing. Japanese books and magazines always look original and esthetic <3

Łukasz Brożek Great photo. I like your book series. :D
I didn't know that people make guidebooks of Poland in Japanese. Good to see this. :)
Design of this guidebook is interesting too. I can't read Japanese but it looks pleasant for me. :P

Magda Ko How lovely. Thank you Satoshi

Margie What a nice idea! And so well done.

Damian Klisiewicz nice one! btw Bolesławiec is my hometown :) Is our pottery popular in Japan?

Satoshi T It is not very common. However, there are specialty shops around Japan and there are enthusiastic fans. Thanks @Damian !

bvphotosnap Wonderful arrangement of these beautiful books!

Teresa POLAND <3

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