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Comment was deleted

Kateli I sat in the car, took a closeup photo of the raindrops on the car window with the Coop and post office signs in the background. Back at home, I cropped it, sharpened it all up and then turned it upside down which made the words the right way up. There you go ! :O)

tania Very nice Kate ! Colors are great !

Kateli Thanks dear Coach !!! It seems to be a colorful day for both of us today even with the rain !! xxx

Kateli I learn lots from my Coach !!! ;O)

Welmoed Riemersma Very nice!

Kateli Thank you !!

craig What a brilliant and clever Shot!

Kateli Thanks ! I only had a few minutes for photos today. I took this one while I was in my car waiting for my girls at the bakery ! ;O)

Satoshi T Very nice! Its Just your work!

Kateli Thank you ! It's all I had time for !!! ;O)

vera Well done! very sharp, swiss emblematic droplets! ;-)

Kateli Yep that's right !! Very swiss indeed !

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