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tigg Ah - a fellow Olympus user. I have the EM 10 and EM 1. Sometimes the family borrow one of them! I am new to this site as you have noticed; I have completed 3 and a half years on blipfoto but want to do another one a day project. Too many photos ....such fun!

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, welcome to tookapic. I heard Blipfoto had some issues with the moderation and community. Sad.

tigg I don't know much about this site - love the variety that I have seen so far - love to know a bit about the history etc

Paweł Kadysz You can read the story behind this site on Medium:

tigg Thank you very much indeed; you are so right. May I ask how many users you now have?

Christa Lind Do you get to drive home every day on this road? I'm a bit jealous!

Paweł Kadysz Fortunately, not. The road is really bumpy and I'd probably break the suspension if I had to drive there every day.

Ben Lind @Paweł, what are your thoughts on switching from a Canon DSLR (t3i) to an E-M5? I love the size of the Olympus, but I don't want to get rid of my Canon if the E-M5 can't do everything the DSLR can as well.

Paweł Kadysz The sensor is smaller. But the image quality is better in E-M5 than in my old 50D DSLR. I can shoot a decent photo with ISO 4000-6400 with the E-M5, while on my old DSLR anything above ISO 800 is unusable. I love the 5-axis image stabilisation - it's really outstanding.

I can't think of anything that E-M5 can't do and the DSLR can. Canon probably looks more "professional" but with a additional grip and 75-300mm lens, E-M5 looks like a small DSLR ;)

Paweł Ch I've never shooting Olympus E-M5 camera. Some time ago I read about the E-M5 (I like @Paweł photo) because my DSLR is too big and heavy for spontaneous trips. In my opinion it will be hard to switch on mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera from DSLR. Micro 4/3 image sensor has pluses and minuses. For example: crop=2x so the lens with a focal length of 50mm in fact is 100mm (compared to FF). It is harder to obtain a wide viewing angle.
But... My Canon 60d has drawbacks. @Paweł wrote about them. Anything above ISO 800 is unusable. No image stabilization in body. Having too few points AF. Is larger than the E-M5, etc.
I'm going to buy a 'small camera' and replace my Canon 60d on a full-frame camera.

Jaydee I have just recently discovered how to use dust in my photos.It is fascinating.I love this example

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