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Maksym Rudek This viking looks like he's gonna burn your homeland and loved ones :D

Paweł Kadysz Isn't that their default look? :P

Maksym Rudek Yep, definetly. But first let him finish his beer :P

Łukasz How does it feel to just stop and take a photo of random people? I've never done that and it seems a little bit weird to me. 😃

Paweł Kadysz It is weird. It's important to have the camera ready beforehand and be sure everything is set up as you want. Then you just put it against your eye, take a quick 3 shots (to be sure at least one of them is decently sharp) and bam! you're gone before they know it.

agnieszka bladzik ha now you know how most of my 'photos of random people' are done. also i usually shot not from the face high [i don't have viewfinder] but from my chest. many times i walk away fast as i think they will chase me and ask why i'm doing photos

Łukasz Oh yes, I always wondered how you are doing these kinda-sneaky pictures. :D

Paweł Kadysz Turning off the AF light is also a good idea ;)

jayce Great character scene!

aldabwoods I've seen great shots of people, but am too nervous to explain why I want to take their photo. Then, I think, the shot would be ruined because they would become self aware. @Paweł & @agnieszka - you don't talk to them? Just shoot and run?

Paweł Kadysz I don't think "run" is the best word. I'm just passing by, take a photo and continue walking. Sometimes I don't even stop and shoot while walking. If I'd run, it would definitely look weird ;)

aldabwoods Yes, it would! So from their perspective it looks like you are taking a picture of the scene, the building?

Paweł Kadysz That's what I hope for ;)

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka I'm curious too...I'm scared that random people I shoot somehow find a picture on tookapic and...what then? I know that this is illegal as everybody has a right to say I do not want such reasons I didn't publish any of pic of strangers here.How You deal with it @Paweł ,@agnieszka?

Paweł Kadysz From what I know street photography is not illegal. And unless you're using the photos for commercial purposes you're not required to get the person's approval.

Of course if a person approaches you and asks to delete the photo - you should do it.

katarina It's so funny to see this photo because I know these people :P

katarina I work in this pub.. you can come and drink a caffee or a beer in the company of polish bartenders there :)

Paweł Kadysz Tempting. Unfortunately, we have a big event tomorrow and we're leaving on Friday morning.

katarina Then have a successful event tomorrow and I hope you spend a nice time in Oslo.

littlesheep88 啦啦啦

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