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Edyta Wow! Amazing :)

Mouhsine Idrissi I am so glad I get to see your posts everyday. I love what you do and keeps me wondering what's next. Hope to meet you in person someday.

Katrina Yu Thank you so much @Mouhsine ! This is so wonderful to hear, I promise to give my best always.

I go to the US a lot, so if I'll be at the east coast I'd sure love to meet up. Let's make it happen! :D

Prienne I love your creativity!

Romain whoehahaha... what an idea... superb!!!

Urszula Stachowicz Omg, it hurts! :D Excellent idea!

Katrina Yu Thanks @imieniny-cioci ! I always wonder how it feels to have your hair suddenly cut off like that, just like in the tv. :D :D

vera Good luck Katrina! In french we say : nothing ventured, nothing gained! ;-)

Katrina Yu Merci pour vos encouragements Vera!! :) :)

Yumi Miyazaki Cute idea!!!