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Kwiacioland Super fotka ! .

Ross Thanks :-)

craig Nice! Where is this?

Ross Thanks :-) it's a place called Cove Bay between Hopeman and Lossiemouth in Moray

craig Looks so familiar, think we might have visited when we were on holiday in Burghead a couple of years ago!

Ross Ah yeah, Burghead is nearby too, small world! Did you enjoy it up here?

craig Loved it! I had been to an Outward Bound course a long time ago so went up to revisit the area, even though OB Moray closed some time ago.

Ross That's great to hear, it's a beautiful part of the world :-)

Rose Nice picture and great Maiden song ;)

Ross Thanks :-) yeah, I love this song :-)

Tomek Zimnocho Another pin on the map with places to visit. I'm planning trip north for couple of years now yet still have no idea when it'll happen... You will have one more tourist up there at some point anyway

Ross That's awesome, hope you enjoy your visit if you make it one day! I've got loads more photos of the area on my page :-)

Romain Wow... Nature at his best .fantastic colours....

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