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v agnès Thank you for your words and pics. Hope you fell a little better today.

Katrina Yu Thank you so much @v ! I am better now, a brutal reminder that life is fleeting and too precious to waste it on regrets.
Sending positive vibes your way! <3 :)

vera The same thing can be view from different points of view or with different focuses. It gives us different images to our mind... though it's about the exactly same thing! In photography it's easy to understand, but in the life, it's sometimes harder to change the focus or the point of view to be happier! You make it very well Katrina I think😉

Katrina Yu Thank you so much @vera for putting it in a perspective. I really love reading your opinion!

Yumi Miyazaki Painting a shadow ... 😱😱

Katrina Yu héhé I was thinking of painting my shadow, but then it didn't turn out like I wanted so I just "drew" a shadow instead. I make really weird stick people! 😂

Yumi Miyazaki quite a cute shadow, it actually reminded me of ginger cookie!

Mouhsine Idrissi I don't know if I ever told you that I teach photography to 6th 7th 8th grade so they can graduate in photography before they go to high school. A program that I created to give them the visual power of communication but also to change the way they see the world and make them more sensitive to their surrounding. Part of the teaching the 1st year is learning about National Geographic photographers that are trying to change the world but helping humanity and the purpose of it to make them approach photography from a different angle and understand it's meaning before they even learn the history of photography. Anyway what I am trying to say is that I will tell them about you and show them your work and someone that inspires me to be a better human. Thank you Katrina.

Katrina Yu I love that you're teaching children on how they see the world and make them more sensitive to their surroundings. The world needs more mentor like you who understands that beauty is multi-facade. Thank you for showing the "little adults" that life consists of so many different wonderful possibilities. They are lucky to have someone to show them as young as now.

And thank you so much for taking the time to write me this. I am truly humbled that I can inspire a person through my art. And will constantly remember this whenever I'm at a low point.

p.s. You must be such an interesting person! Really looking forward one day to meet up @Mouhsine !! :D