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jayce Fantastic capture, looks to a so real confidence

bvphotosnap Thank you Jayce ☺

Kazziz pssst psst....

Tomasz Dolata hmmm me it looks like two dogs in love, can they agree on a date :)

bvphotosnap :D It was a quick date.... :D

Romain such a sweet moment captured ... super !!!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @Romain!

Margie Very very nice. This is heartwarming to me.

bvphotosnap Thank you Margie, this is the first time I took her in about 4 years, she behaved well.

freyr Great timing! They're so cute! :D

bvphotosnap Thank you @freyr! ☺

Roman Czarny Superb scene

bvphotosnap Thanks very much Roman!

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