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Yumi Miyazaki Casper !!! U met him!!!

Edyta Love it :) You have really awesome ideas :)

Yumi Miyazaki By the way, @itskatrina I checked Belgian Tervuren, WOW so beautiful... its gonna be a 20-25kg (per wikipedia)...
First glance, i was like: wow, it looks like german shepherd, but it is Belgian version of sheepdog.

I read that the training is not very difficult for belgian Terv, like Shiba Inu, it is independent breed too, but not very stubborn like shiba. Patience and consistent repetition helps.
The only thing i want to point out though, you probably have known, that as a sheepdog, it runs in their genetic to explore big land for hours to guard sheep/ cattle, it is why this breed is for. In another way, this breed appreciates big exercise / interaction with you.

If exercise is not sufficient, any dog will fall into "boredom / anxiety / depression" , the first sign will be damaging unwanted items, such as chew on your wall, remote, socks, etc.. (for puppy, dont get me wrong, puppy likes to chew whatever, not because puppy is bored or not enough exercise, but because of teething, puppy wants to put everything into the mouth and chomp chomp chomp, at this point, keep diverting puppy to a desired chewy toy, so puppy won't chomp your hand, etc)

Many Shiba Inu dog owners thought "big exercise" means many many hours of walking, even for me too. No, it didnt mean that.. walk maybe 1-2 hours are okay per day. No need 4-5 hours.

Sometimes, exercise means interaction / engaging with you too, it's like mental exercise. Such as you hide some food, and ask dog to treasure hunt the food. If dog cannot treasure hunt, you might want to start with pointing to the place you hide it, and dog will follow your finger. Few repetition, dog would understand, that you will point to "food".This kind of exercise actually relieves their stress (a friend taught me) and also teach them to pay attention at your hand/you. Good luck!

Katrina Yu THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!! There's so much information, how can I ever thank you??? Do you have an email where I can send you tidbits, progress reports, or just to chat in general? :) I'd be really happy to stay in contact with you. <3 <3

Rafał outstanding, where do you find these ideas :)