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tania This comes from the invisible man movie ! I like it. You should maybe try with a black glove.

MagdaG Blocked? Come on.. This pic is awesome!
Go Pawel!

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. I was arguing the same thing with myself, blocked ! are you kidding me @Paweł this pic is splendid

Maciej Korsan I think I've got blocked too. It's because of the weather! :D

Comment was deleted

noun Me too!! ; )

Marcin Milewski Mr. Robot :)

Neil Livingstone This turned out amazing, if your feeling generous you could always post a tutorial on how you achieved this ; )

Paweł Kadysz Nothing fancy, really. Just one light source - a beauty dish with a honeycomb grid placed above my head. You can even see the reflection in the lens.

Jaydee Let me be blocked soon then!!

Alek GK Creepy!

Jakub Purej qbanez Świetne!

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