T L scary... :)

Gogi Golzman i know its sprite . but somehow you made go to grab a beer ! and i found out i'm out of beer :(

Paweł Kadysz Sorry about that.

Kazziz I remember those bottles! I loved them!

Michał Kubalczyk Ah, it has to be hard for you to move everything out from there.

Paweł Kadysz It's a time-travel experience. I found my old Legos, a whole box of 20 years old computer games. Encyclopedia that doesn't include the word "Internet". Piggybank with 23 years old coins ($15 in total!).

The only hard part was to bring all the boxes from the third floor, down to the car.

Michał Kubalczyk Haha yeah it had to be a nice experience, but don't you think that it will be weird to pass next to this apartment where you left a lot of memories and can't go in because there lives someone else now? Or am I wrong and you won't sell it? :P

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