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1 year
2 years
3 years

Jesse Lind Congrats!!! Awesome year! I am so glad you will stay! :)

noun Congratulation!

Gosia Very nice and funny 365th photo! Congrats and I'm glad you'll keep posting on tookapic.

Paweł Kadysz Congrats! Let me know when you're in town, we should grab a beer and talk about all the ups and downs of "the project". We can laugh about it now, right? ;)

BTW. There supposed to be a surprise email for you but something broke (it had to broke, it's Friday night). So the surprise is a bit postponed.

agnieszka bladzik Haha I always destroy sth with Tookapic :-D I'll be home at the end of the month and for sure we are having a beer

tania Very funny your pic. I especially the fourth one. Must be so exciting to do that once.

Satoshi T Congrats! Very nice Multiple pic :-D

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. This is community is so much joy to be apart of, this photo made my day and I get fueled up for what is to come, @agnieszka congrats with the journey

patrykd Congrats! :)

Krzysztof Puszczyński Congratulations! :)

Kevin Drum Gratz Agnieszka! You are amazing.

Jarosław Puszczyński Congratulations

Ian Prince Brilliant and funny 365th photo. Congratulations!

I remember you writing about the project being a marathon, seems like yesterday even it was actually 6 months ago...

Jagoda Pucilowska Congratulations Agnieszka, very well done ...

JudithO Congrats! Like the idea of the 4 pictures, hope the cake tasted good!