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Kateli Wow ! What a beautiful capture ! Love it !!

Margie OH, thank you, Kateli!!!

bvphotosnap Wow! So pretty and a great composition! Love the clarity and textures that you've captured, I can even see the powder from the pollen on the petals. Great series Margie! ☺ So this flower doesn't last very long?

Margie I am not surprised you spotted the powder because you never miss anything! The gift of this flower is the process. You can save it in your basement for a number of months and bring it out in winter and it begins growing. It takes a couple of months to sprout, sends up tall leaves, then a bud appears and takes a while to show. The blooms don't last very long but the anticipation of the whole journey is what I like, especially in the middle of winter.

bvphotosnap Wow, that's impressive, so much patience! You have a green thumb, I on the other hand am glad for vases and fresh cut flowers :D

Hanna Gawrychowska wow
beautiful photo and amaryllis
I love clarity and colors, especially red.
sharpness is great
and series is great

Margie What nice comments. Thank you so much.

Tomasz Dolata And for that moment I waited :) Beautiful flower amaryllis !!!

Margie I know you like flowers! I put another one up for you to see the entire plant. Minus three blooms.

Tomasz Dolata WOW heartfelt thanks :)

Kateli Love the sharpness of this photo !!

Margie Thank you!!

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