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Hanna Gawrychowska

dog lover, cat lover, food connoisseur, book reader, breeder fish in the pond, stroller, budding amateur photographer, tax advisor ... I don't know who yet .... but at the end ... Hania
#6 23/365
52 streak
Day 1,848
by the lake
Sunday ... tomorrow is Monday - but it's very revealing, isn't it? and Sunday this time was quiet, with the morning scout in the fields, w...
Day 1,847
withered twig
and another weekend came, and it was supposed to be so beautiful and ... it was as always, which doesn't mean it was bad. In the morning...
Day 1,846
walking with Amber
Day 1,845
tree bark
in the forest
Day 1,844
A daily midday walk with the dog and an interesting find by the path - a beautiful ivy climbs a metal container, clings to the smooth surface with...
Day 1,843
in a puddle
I like to wander in forests, meadows, fields, roads and wilderness, so I wander every day and my dog with me - although I do not know if I...
Day 1,842
chaos ... the theme of the week fits perfectly with what is happening in my life. In the morning I get up lazily around 5.30, then feeding the...
Day 1,841
Today is Sunday and like every Sunday I promise myself that I will finally get enough sleep and like every Sunday I wake up in the morning...
Day 1,840
in dog's eyes
Day 1,839
pink rose
she is beautiful, beautifully pink, is just blooming, spreads her rose charm around and it is a pity that soon her time will pass and you ha...
Day 1,838
in the forest
and another day passes again - the weather was bad but luckily it wasn't raining. Practicing in the training yard in the rain is not my...
Day 1,837
My road to work has several versions - in one of them I can drive next to a nearby gravel pit. The gravel pit in this place has existed fo...
Day 1,836
Everyone who is a happy owner of a dog knows that walking the dog is everyday life. For this reason, every day I am a guest in the nearby fores...
Day 1,835
autumn is here
Autumn has come and with it various things ... and not only that the autumn time is lined with depressive moods (although this year's a...
Day 1,834
creamy rose
not from my garden
Day 1,833
in the park
Day 1,832
passing away
a few days ago I bought amaryllis. It bloomed beautifully and was a decoration of my kitchen for a long time. This is an unusual, origina...
Day 1,831
walking the dog save my streak
Day 1,830
a beautiful sunny autumn day, so I planned a sunset walk with my dog on the beach. And as it happens with plans, the sun refused to cooperate....
Day 1,829
The beech forest is beautiful, oh beautiful. And this forest is the most beautiful in autumn, dressed in autumn colors, from yellow through red t...
Day 1,828
so somehow it turned out that I visited an art school in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz - and this is what the studio looks like where high school students...
Day 1,827
in the forest
strange was this year on November 1 with no visits to the cemetery however, there was a moment of reflection and memories of those who a...
Day 1,826
daily walk with Amber
One of the advantages of having a dog is the need for daily walks, and when there are beautiful walking areas, then nothing stan...
Hanna finished 365 project #5!
Day 1,825
just sunrise - the end of year 5
Day pass after day, whether we like it or not - and although time is "the simplest thing", it is inexorable and every...