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Hanna Gawrychowska

dog lover, cat lover, food connoisseur, book reader, breeder fish in the pond, stroller, budding amateur photographer, tax advisor ... I don't know who yet .... but at the end ... Hania
#6 187/365
216 streak
Day 2,012
wariacje na temat kolorów #theme-abstract
Day 2,011
takie tam #theme-abstract
Day 2,010
another dimension of the cosmos #theme-abstract
Day 2,009
spring of color blue
lazy time at home and in the garden leniwa majówka w domu i ogrodzie
Day 2,008
Sunny day was today
on a walk
Day 2,007
in the forest
we are walking
Day 2,006
my way to work
Day 2,005
my Amber
Day 2,004
pansies in my garden
morning in the garden rano w ogrodzie
Day 2,003
view in white
I am sitting at my desk at work and what do I see outside the window? siedzę sobie w pracy przy moim biurku i co widzę za oknem ?
Day 2,002
and it was snowing
I planned that it would be warm and sunny and here I am going out and it is snowing, the wind is blowing and it is terribly cold za...
Day 2,001
the road
a ja tradycyjnie w drodze do pracy na spacerze z psem
Day 2,000
just sunset
by 'my' lake
Day 1,999
drops, drops, drops
I wonder ... what is squeaking in the grass, what is sparkling in the grass - and these are just raindrops and rays of the sun tak...
Day 1,998
good morning in blue
takie tam kwiatki sobie 'ustrzeliłam' #theme-selective-color
Day 1,997
walking with Amber
Day 1,996
just drops
in my garden
Day 1,995
by the lake
sky overhead, sky underfoot isn't the world beautiful niebo nad głową, niebo pod stopami czyż świat nie jest piękny
Day 1,994
in my garden
Day 1,993
lubię czytać i lubię gdy inni mi czytają - dużo jeżdzę samochodem i lubię wtedy słuchać I like to read and I like it when others read to me - I drive...
Day 1,992
just cactus
czasami zamiast kwiatka zdarza się kaktusik sometimes there is a cactus instead of a flower
Day 1,991
just carnation
just such a carnation ot taki tam goździk
Day 1,990
a small part of my library collection I have always believed that children do not listen to us but that children imitate us - there are many boo...
Day 1,989
różowo jakoś się wokół porobiło