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dog lover, cat lover, food connoisseur, book reader, breeder fish in the pond, stroller, budding amateur photographer, tax advisor ... I don't know who yet .... but at the end ... Hania
#5 37/365
91 streak
Day 1,497
on the terrace
The observation deck at Olivia Star - meeting with a friend, sensational autumn tea and even better baked eggplant with cheese and toma...
Day 1,496
on the way to work ... sometimes the autumn sun gives me a pleasant surprise and beautifully colors the sky in the morning - how much nicer it...
Day 1,495
Autumn garden, autumn grays, autumn rains, autumn moods and .... an autumn garden with autumn grasses. It's late autumn and it's getting closer...
Day 1,494
Every Wednesday I go to Gdynia to a building located near the pier in Orłowo and after (or before) settling my business matters I go to the seas...
Day 1,493
Mrs. Winter is coming ...
yesterday it was like in this song: It's snowing Fluffy snow I like to look when It flows down so quietly It's snowing As in...
Day 1,492
why Sony ... and why not ... somehow it happened that the first SLR camera I bought was Sony a350, and actually I had to buy because in this way...
Day 1,491
hydrangea and sun rays
takie tam 'z braku laku ...'
Day 1,490
I ❤️ Gdańsk
blue hour high above
Day 1,489
cacophony or eupomy of drops, bokeh and light
Anticipating a hard day at work and having trouble finding time to take a picture outdoors, in the early...
Day 1,488
birches and a little bit of fog
tak, wiem, wiem, że te brzozy są częstymi gośćmi na moich zdjęciach, ale ... bardzo lubię je fotografować i ... nie ma...
Day 1,487
forgotten ..
I often pass this place and wonder what was the fate of this building, who started building it and what its purpose was, why the construc...
Day 1,486
just mosses
one of the cult Polish bands sang long ago: "Still raining! The asphalt of the streets is as slippery as a fish's belly today, the wet sky...
Day 1,485
no comment
not in my garden
Day 1,484
cactus, drops and bokeh
I can't have too many houseplants at home because I have cats and cats love plants - they love to destroy them but despite thi...
Day 1,483
cactus and a little bit of drops
this weekend is very busy - well, such a job ... as I chose ... yesterday I came home late without any photos so the...
Day 1,482
verdict ...
Beautiful is my forest but recently orange marks appeared on the trees - probably marked trees are intended for cutting. I am not a specia...
Day 1,481
in the forest
I can't imagine living without a job but sometimes I get the impression that work can't imagine its existence without me ... ... I like...
Day 1,480
nic innego nie zdążyłam - taki tam sobie streak-pic
Day 1,479
I've been living in the suburbs for over a dozen years and I have a problem with commuting - roads get clogged and I either go for a very long ti...
Day 1,478
drops and moss
permanent lack of time and ideas, so moss again
Day 1,477
grass and droplets
As I wrote earlier, I dreamed of having a garden and how it happens in life dream came true - and my mother warned "be careful what...
Day 1,476
mosses and raindrops
Sometimes I have a problem determining whether what I photograph is mosses or lichen or both. But this time I have no doubt - the...
Day 1,475
I am a townswoman 'by birth' - I was born in a city and lived in many cities for many years. I dreamed about having my home and garden and a doz...
Day 1,474
walking in the forest