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Julie Perry Congratulations Malgorzata. Have enjoyed seeing your photos .

Malgorzata Kadysz thanks Julie :)

tania Yes congratulations. And this is very good idea for the 365th ! Well done !

Malgorzata Kadysz thank you Tania :)

Kevin Drum Congratz!!!!!!!!! Clever finish.

Malgorzata Kadysz Thanks Kevin :)

agnieszka bladzik congratz :) keep it up!

Malgorzata Kadysz Thank you Agnieszka :)

azral congrats! :)

Tomasz Gawłowski wow, great idea!

Satoshi T Congtatulations! @malgorzata ! With Nice your 365's. pic !

Jagoda Pucilowska Congratulations Małgoś , great job

Malgorzata Kadysz Thank you all for the congratulations and good word :)

Terry Artt Congratulations, terrific idea..

Malgorzata Kadysz Thanks Terry :)

Jakub Purej qbanez Świetne zdjęcie, podoba mi się pomysł!! :)

Malgorzata Kadysz Dzięki Jakub. Po prostu nie jadam tortów (więc uczczenie pierwszych urodzin tortem byłoby dla mnie mało miłe) ale za to uwielbiam grać w bilard a mistrzowskie rozbicia to coś do czego dążę (na razie bezskutecznie) :)

Jesse Lind Wow, this is really awesome! Congrats!!

Malgorzata Kadysz Thanks Jesse :)

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. I think anything that ends after a persistent and long time effort deserves a loud bang, and I guess you gave the day what it deserves a bang! :) this is a worthy idea to finish with and by the way,

Keep going further..

Malgorzata Kadysz Thank you Joel :)

Steve Karg Congratulations to you, and also to your clever photo to sum it up!

Malgorzata Kadysz Thanks Steve :)

Ian Prince Can't believe I missed your 365th photo! What a cool idea with those billiard balls :) Congratulations! Looking forward to year two :)

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