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Grace It really is so amazing in real life, so much better than I imagined! Also glad you got to see it before it's mud mask they are giving it soon 😂

jayce Grace actually one of the 4 pillars is already in renovation which alters a bit the photos if you want to have the classical whole building with the blue water lane in the middle. But anyway the site is still magic

Rafal Try to work with this picture, it will be much better - first of all try to level the horizon. Unfortunately You didn't took the picture symmetrically (sometimes is not possible to change the position of the photographer). There is no place also for changing the upper middle part of the picture where window ends. Did You crop that picture too much or just took the picture like that, in that situation there is nothing You can do with that. Ideally in my opinion that picture should look like that - few degrees to the left to put the building exactly in the middle of the window with the apex of the dome in the line with the apex of the window, naturally removing the tower from the left. I hope You know what I mean. Sorry for that long comment.

jayce Rafal thank you so much for the recommendations I really appreciate and would expect having such valuable comment more frequently. The fact is I wanted this kind of photo through the entrance Arche, and with so much people around me I just had a 2 seconds window to shoot above all people hence the imaged framed very high and not centered. I took probably something like 50 photos of this so fabulous site and I wanted to publish a photo which differs a bit from the classical view points we usually see everywhere.

Rafal I suspected that situation was tough. My advice for You is to take pictures with a wider framing for further cropping possibilities if it is possible. Anyway nice picture

bvphotosnap Beautiful frame and very sharp clear image! I love that you can see the birds flying around it and the people in front of it gives this beautiful structure scale. ☺

jayce Many thanks BV. Impressive sense of observation for the birds. Actually it is strange to see that there are quite everytime birds above monuments and palaces. They likely have a great sense of beautiful structures 😊. In addition I was impressed and a bit scared to see some groups of almost 100 flying raptors over some areas of Old Dehli, probably not for the same reason.

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