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My 3rd year here...for more pictures you can go to my instagram - rafalniziolek71 or photographic fanpage on the FB - Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek
#3 223/365
2 streak
Day 953
Starting sequence ...Day minus 2. - food supply
Lyofilized fiod for our family trip came...time to separate for every family member
Day 952
Evening sky...
Day 951
The frog's boat
Day 950
My first drone photoshoot (combination of four pictures) of my Masurian village
Day 949
In memory of Kora
On July 28, 2018, after a long illness, one of the greatest Polish entertainers died - Olga Aleksandra Sipowicz, better known as Kor...
Day 948
Licence to fly?
If you want to safely fly with drone You need the driving licence for that...starting the lessons
Day 947
Armageddon and paranoia. Armageddon and Paranoia: The Nuclear Confrontation Since 1945
Enola Gay, Paul Tibbets, Little Boy, Hiroshima 15 minutes after...
Day 946
Chasing the drone...
Last day with my family until I will come back to Warsaw for another week of work in the clinic before my vacation time. We have...
Day 945
Mazury Air Show Day Two - AH 64E Apache Guardian
The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an American twin-turboshaft attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landin...
Day 944
Mazury Air Show Day One - Search and Rescue (SAR) Helicopter W3 Sokół
2nd Search and Rescue Team from Mińsk Mazowiecki - a military unit of the Polish...
Day 943
Day 942
Stranger Things on the wall
Day 941
The new project - F16 by Tamiya scale 1:72
Day 940
Large boys toys...for painting
Day 939
Gate to heaven
Day 938
Me, my model and my airbrush
Time for relax. Model painting and weathering. At last i have found a time to start painting the model i have glued few m...
Day 937
Lone tree ... day off work (at last)
Day 936
I don't want to come out
Day 935
Shoes on the sky... ;-)
Day 934
Pizza with friends in Krakow
Day 933
People only see what they are prepared to see
Inside the french bulldog with brachycephalic airway syndrome. This anatomical anomaly was created as a...
Day 932
Trust and love
Day 931
International Dog Show Day Two - Moving Fur
Running Afghan Hound
Day 930
International Dog Show Day One