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My 3rd year here...for more pictures you can go to my instagram - rafalniziolek71 or photographic fanpage on the FB - Nature and Aviation Photography Rafal Niziolek
#3 336/365
3 streak
Day 1,065
Veterinarian lecturer on the human ultrasound conference
It was a great privilege to become an speaker on a human conference about lung ultrasound in...
Day 1,064
Santa Claus Gifts
My son at the morning happy to get the book from Santa Claus
Day 1,063
Winter window cleaner
Day 1,062
Day 1,061
Christmas tree before the entry of the mall
Day 1,060
Christmas Gingerbread decorating
Day 1,059
Santa Claus on the bike...somewhere on the road
Day 1,058
On the road again....7 am close to Gdansk
Day 1,057
My perfect duo
Day 1,056
Long Nose Day
Zoria, female, 7 years old borzoi
Day 1,055
My nature pictures in book
Prepared as presents for a christmas for friends and family...only few prints.
Day 1,054
The orchestra
Day 1,053
Unusual and beautiful album of nature photos taken by best polish nature photographers from Polish Nature Photographers Association...extreme...
Day 1,052
Yesterday Szczecin
Cardiomeeting in time to sleep only 6 hours and i am at the northern part of Poland
Day 1,051
Seriously and funny
Central European Cardiology Meeting in Vienna is a history. Fourteen excellent veterinary cardiologists from Russia, Bulgaria, Rum...
Day 1,050
Vienna evening...Christmas Market (already)
Day 1,049
Vienna Airport in the rain
Day 1,048
The calm
One day drive to Mazury Lake District and such a nice view near our lake
Day 1,047
The blob
My son plays with the some sort of Young Chemistry Set and this is the result - non-newtonian liquid - hard as a rock when you hit, liquid li...
Day 1,046
Wizje Natury - Nature Photography Festival
Well spent day! Together withy son we went to the Annual festival of nature photography. We had a chance to...
Day 1,045
Autumn, autumn around
Day 1,044
The pedestrian path
Day 1,043
The lost fight
After about twenty visits at the dentist, after few unsuccessful treatment, days of mild, moderate and sometimes severe pain connected...
Day 1,042
Passionate at work
My photographic mentor Piotr Chara was guest in school of my son. This time Piotr was talking about wetlands and its role in nature