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Ron Dadoo I see that there is a pink tooth brush ... I look forward to getting to know Mrs. Vader

tania Yesterday also the tool was a pretty feminine touch !

D. Vader Pink-red goes well with black. I just like the color.

Man Yue LO I believe the Sith like the color. Vader has a pink lightsab- <choked>

noun It is a pity it have no sound on Tookapic there, I wonder what gives the noise of your respirator with some toothpaste!

D. Vader I feel much better now. No need for the respirator 24/7. I still need to use it at night though. You should hear me snoring through the respirator. It is not a pleasant sound.

Anastazja Great topic, congrats!

Oleg Kharms Breath must sound. Breath must not smell.

ducttapedoc Pretty sure I need a print of this for the bathroom wall.

Sylvia Alonso Amo esta foto 😍

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