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noun Nice Tie! Perhaps a little bit to nice for Darh Vader!!

Luke This is great!

Ron Dadoo I like the keys of the TIE fighter !!! :-))... (and the black coffee of course )

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. @noun Did you notice the car keys and a cellphone does this guy real drive and who does he call :) I mean seriously

noun Yes I saw! Yeh man, It's not serious!!! I think it's a false Darth Vader! Only a poor man who want to be strong!!! PFFFF!

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you be careful now @noun this is @darth we are talking about here - he might actually have very good reasons - let's wait and see

D. Vader I will pretend I didn't see that comment.

D. Vader These are not car keys. These are TIE Fighter keys. I lost the keychain, but I will try to find it to show you. And I call the kids from once every couple of days, but noone answers anymore.

noun I'm surry Darth Vader! I didn't want to hurt you! It must be difficult not to have news of your kids!

Oleg Kharms Not that easy to be a Morning Star.

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