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Satoshi T Nice title! ... Winter is comming... Ron, you feel cold?

Ron Dadoo Today it is still warm enough... and at home in Tokyo?

Satoshi T I feel not so cold here. Leaves will fall in next 2 weeks,I think.

noun Great pic! I love!

noun specially the bird on the forth tree!

tania I like it !

biquette Pretty colors! I like it

Ron Dadoo thank you Biquette :-)

Anastazja Very interesting geometry :)

Jennifer Faye pretty!

Ian Prince Ah, I totally missed this shot of your version of the same trees! Great idea!

Yours is much better, but then again you didn't have to shoot it from the moving train ;)

Also just noticed that you're always shooting the same crop ratio and orientation, something which I've been experimenting with to...

So, do I get to copy one of your locations? ;)

Ron Dadoo Yes of course ;-)

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