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Paweł Te Great! I remember this one from my childhood😀 for kid the biggest fub was riding upstairs😀 but the paint was less colorful, and that strange smell inside😀 do they add a bottle with real aroma of pkp to the model?😀

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Satoshi T I know the old dark color paints, but I do not know the smell. Unfortunately (?) Aroma was not attached. Thanks @Paweł .

Ola Powajbo I also remeber :-) At first I've thought Satoshi at Poland? :-)

Satoshi T I am very pleased to touch the hearts of people who know real train of this model. I still in Tokyo. But after today's "TookaMiracle" , I hope to go to Poland.

freyr Thanks @Satoshi! That's really nice of you! (: Bhp/Bipa are an important part of my childhood memories... Olive old doubledeck railroad cars... There was a point in my life (I was probably like... two years old) when they seemed so scary and mysterious to me - and I didn't want to travel inside of them. And then came a moment, when they've started do disappear and they've become my favourite cars and I wanted to travel only with trains containing them... One day Waggonbau Görlitz, the next one part of Bombardier... everything changes ):

Satoshi T I am glad to hear you like it! Especially the passenger cars of the old age are not gradually changed, they are thrown away at once. Is Bipa still running somewhere now?

freyr Hmmm... I haven't seen them in Greater Poland for ages - I mean riding, cause I think that some of them are standing in Leszno or Krzyż. I've read that they are used in the summer in Pomeranian (Gdynia-Hel) and sometimes during the Woodstock festival but PolRegio has only 2 working wagon groups. I think that I saw one working or at least renovated when I was in Lübeck, Germany but I'm not completely sure about it (:

Satoshi T When I saw @Artur 's "piętrus" , Since it was painted in the colors of Blue and Yellow - not old olive - , I thought that it is still active and routinely operated. but It seems that a few nad expected to be used only for special driving...

freyr Maybe in Chojnice/Kościerzyna or somewere nearby... I recall now that I've read that they were used with SU45/SU46 on some parts of so-called "Ostbahn" (Berlin - Kostrzyn - Gorzow Wielkopolski - Krzyz - Pila - Chojnice - Kaliningrad) but I don't know how is it now (:

Alek Jedliński Great photo Satoshi, thought you were in Poland!

Satoshi T I still in Tokyo. But after today's "TookaMiracle" , I hope to go to Poland.

Artur Łobocki I am very surprised and happy to be able to see your picture. What a wonderful reproduction of details. I just do not have words.
Let me give here a link to my photo . The similarity is stunning. Thank you @Satoshi

Satoshi T You are welcome @Artur , your railway photos are very impressive and I am very thankful to you because I can understand the details of the #Tczew railroad well while in Tokyo. Please let me refer to your picture and let me make miniatures.

Artur Łobocki You can refer to my pictures whenever you like to :)

Satoshi T Thanks!

Damian Jankowiak Cool childhood memories ^^

Satoshi T I am glad to hear that it touch memories of you who know real "piętrus". Thank you @Damian !

mrmm2017 And here is how they tansformed over the years ...

Danuta Childhood memories returned :) ...I also loved to ride on a higher level, the world more curious looked from a height :D , Thanks for the nice memories Satoshi ;) , The photo is very realistic. The railway looks like it is in full sun !

Bolesław Awesome. Looks like a live one!

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