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Danuta No Please ! ... what world is small :) , I wish you nice moments with your friends :)

Krzysztof Baczyński What little is the world. In the millions of Tokyo accidentally on the street meet another member of the Tookapic community @Satoshi . This can not be the case ... Awesome! "What is little world..."

Ewa Kudlaty @Satoshi @Krzysztof this is incredible!

vera OMG! that's really incredible! fantastic! :-)

Ian Prince That's truly amazing! That said, nothing really happens by chance :)

Paweł Te Great emotions!

Margie This is a wonderful story.

Paweł Kadysz This is so awesome!

Satoshi T Because there are Tookapic, I am able to meet with @Krzysztof . Thanks a lot to keep this awesome site @Paweł .

Lauren Huston That's awesome! Now you guys just need to come to Australia....

Krzysztof Baczyński You do not have to repeat twice ...

tigg I'm amazed that you all recognised each other

Lauren Huston Maybe they recognised Satoshi from his dental records? :)

Kazzi or he was carrying a train model :D

Lauren Huston And a model cat. :)

Satoshi T Thanks @Lauren and @Kazzi , Actually I met @Krzysztof when I was looking into the model railway store at Omote-sando ;)

Kazzi Satoshi, You are too hard for Yourself! But I see this tookamiracle is making You see, that You can do and achieve anything :) It really is a miracle!

Satoshi T @Kazzi , I don't know if I can write in English about it well, but in my mind there is a mixture of addiction, perfectionism and interpersonal fear X) . My theme is that my mind acknowledges it and will be able to hold it well... Now activity of Tookapic is important part of it.

Kazzi You're doing great. I think perfectionism is a natural thing for japanese people, but remember a good word: #goodenough. The battle in one's head about interpersonal fear is a hard battle, but it can be won - and You are on a good way to win it :)

tania Everything changes.... ;)

craig Wow what a small world!

Alek Jedliński Wow, that's great! :)

Katrina Yu This is soooo wonderful. This is what I love about the internet <3 <3 So happy this happened to you Satoshi. :)

Satoshi T I feel It is magic!

Magda Parkitna That's great.

Romain What a fantastic story and coincidence.... TOOKAPIC ALL OVER THE WORLD!

jewels Wonderful story and an inspiration for Tookapic everywhere :-)

Rose very nice :-)

Kasia Czar There are no coincidences! How amazing is that?! ❤️

Krzysztof Baczyński It is magic...

Wiktor Zdrojewski For such moments in life worth living @Satoshi and don't be so hard on yourself!

Satoshi T I also think so. Thank you your words @Wiktor .Acturally, I am not good at pulling out the power of my shoulders ...

Kasia This is an amazing @Satoshi <3

m_rudziewicz Tookapic connects people! :)

Kateli Lovely experience !!! Lucky you !!

Urszula Stachowicz Now, reading about something like that, I love Tookapic even more! :D

Satoshi T Me too!

Magda Korzewska Satoshi this is amazing :)

Satoshi T A moment I found @Krzysztof and Beata, I really feel Incredible! Now they return to Gdynia on flying "Tokyo Gdynia Express" :)

Magda Korzewska I will take it one day, return ticket. Do You know that Beata and my Jacek are friends over 40 years? You can also find Krzysztof on my 365th photo.

Satoshi T Wow Beata and Jacek are friends from childhood! What a small Gdynia! :) @Krzysztof is yellow person right side of your 365th "ONE YEAR"?

Magda Korzewska Yes, it's him. Actually Gdynia is small around 300k people but I convinced Krzysztof to join Tookapic, so this is not coincidence.

120mr @Satoshi , it's so wonderful! And I really like the word 'TookaMiracle'.

Satoshi T Thank you @120mr !

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Amazing story! :)

Satoshi T It's really incredible :)

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