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Chris G Wow. Great job combining these.

Ron Dadoo Thank you Chris...

Katrina Yu Love this. But am I deja-vu-ing??

Ron Dadoo I put the picture this morning, but not satisfied, I removed it to correct it ...

Ron Dadoo thank you !

craig I Loved it this morning and I love it now! Brilliant job!

Ron Dadoo 2x thank's Craig!

120mr Perfect!

Ron Dadoo Thank you! :-)

v agnès Perfect! This is real Nyon!

Ron Dadoo Merci voisine

Satoshi T Perfect work! Colors, composition and landscapes match beyond the time of 60 years ago.

Ron Dadoo Thank you to notice ... it was not easy to realize ...

jayce You are the master for that kind of Tintin's composition. excellent mix!

Ron Dadoo ça va, c'était assez difficile, faudrait que je la refasse tranquillement avec une meilleure lumière et des feuilles sur les arbres... ;-) Merci Jayce