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vera Beautiful light and colors!

Hanna G thanks a lot @vera

agnieszka bladzik amazing bokeh and colors and light, everything :)

Hanna G thank you @agnieszka

Roman Czarny Cudowne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanna G dzięki Roman

Margie Colors, detail, lighting, and bokeh- perfect! :))

Hanna G thank you very much @Margie

Ewa Kudlaty Magic light, work!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Awesome contrast between focused part and bokeh !

Agnieszka Piękne :-)

Kamil beautiful bokeh like everywhere in your photostream, congrats this is so amazing, fantastic work

Hanna G wow
thank you very much
I'm lad that You like my photos

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