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Chris G Love the title. And nice angle. How'd you get that high to take the picture?

Ron Dadoo thank you Chris... :-) Really, I'm an angel ... but do not repeat it... ;-)

Chris G Please say hi to my pet turtle then.

Ron Dadoo of course !

vera Oh you make me laugh loud ! 🤣🤣🤣 that's great!

craig nice one!

Ron Dadoo thank's Craig !

v agnès Oh so delicate, I love this pic! Bravo!

Ron Dadoo haha Merci! Selon quelle entreprise de nettoyage, tu aurais pu crier: " -Ciel, mon mari ! " :-)

vera First I thought it was Katrina Y 's pic...

Ron Dadoo It is true that we are a bit in the same trip

Satoshi T at first I also thought @itskatrina !

Katrina Yu Me and @Ron are birds of the same feather... 😎

jayce Encore une excellente inspiration, génial !

Ron Dadoo thank you ! :-))

Katrina Yu This is reallyyyyy superb, such a genius. Love the white cord detail too.

Ron Dadoo genius... genius... Do not exaggerate! But, thank you Kat

Satoshi T Since I also work with my "Pressure washer" , I am glad to see you don't forget to draw water hose in it!