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Urszula Stachowicz I'm starting to get the feeling that the worse you feel, your photos are getting more and more interesting. :D Just kidding, but I really love this one. :)

Katrina Yu I'm actually feeling a lot better today to catch up with you! 😆
Do you find that the more pressure/stressed/busy you are the more ideas are flowing? But when you're really saying to yourself like "okay, me time, let's create something" and you came up with a blank...or is it just me?

And thank you!! 😄

Urszula Stachowicz Glad you feel better. :D I guess it depends. Sometimes it's really just like you said. I want to do something more creative but... oh, wait, I have a black hole in my brain. :D

Łukasz Brożek Interesting. :)

Satoshi T I have also undergone surgery on my jaw bone so I can understand your feelings well - In addition, I am over 50 years old , recovery is so slow... btw, if SOMEONE will move things on your shelf after taking this photo, you will really scared... brrr...

Katrina Yu Thank you @Satoshi !! I had followed your teeth transplant journey here in Tookapic, and I always have thought you're very brave (I've always been afraid of any invasive procedures). Hope to see your perfect smile soon! 😉

Haha, I'm not scared of "ghost" that can be a "soul" but more scared of the scary American zombie ghost!

Do the Japanese cultures believe in ghosts? Or I should say spirits. Like how one's soul continue to linger around the places we held so dearly to our hearts, and I want to create a story about that.

Satoshi T Thank you @itskatrina ! Yes, Japan has adopted modern rationalism since 1870, but many Japanese still have an old spiritual feeling.
One thing is that each of the elements of nature has spirit. I think that this will be understood if you can see Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke".
The other is a ghost based on the grudge of a person who had a strong feeling for something but had to die. It is often thought that this can not leave the place where he/she died.
We write it "怨霊" in Japanese kanji, it seems to be "鬼報復" if it is current Chinese character. but in Japan I feel difference. "報復" is Retaliation , "怨" is Grudge.