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craig Nice! You are so good with poppy Shots!

Kateli Hello hello hello ! Are you back ???

craig I am back! Never say never, I was really touched by a lot of comments and an email I got so decided to return at least until my second year is done! It is actually nice to be back!

Kateli I'm so happy you came back !! It's lovely to see you photos again ! :0)

Satoshi T Nice your point of view @Kateli !

Kateli Thank you very much !!

aloogobi So simple and so beautiful! :)

Kateli :0) Thank you !!

Katrina Yu Love the idea at the edge!! Like a doggy ear bookmark ;) Very smart.

Kateli Thanks ! I wasn't very happy with that's day's photos so I tried to turn them into something... the weekly theme helped !! ;0)

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