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T L How do you find this camera?

Satoshi T I brought Sony α7ii with Nikkor lens : "It's not broken" and went to I was looking for angles where the back of the building can not be seen. Thank you T L !

T L Very interesting shot. Looks like wedge :)
I asked you about the camera because I also bought a7ii :) and I was curious whether you are happy with this camera and how do you rate it?

Satoshi T It is somewhat special circumstances that I spotted on α 7ii. I wanted a sensor for "tilt & shift" freely using large format camera. However, sensors such as PHASE ONE are very expensive even though they are second hand. I looked there and found a camera with a relatively large sensor and a shallow frange-back. This is suitable for my use. That was the Sony α 7 series. Among them, it was inexpensive α 7ii -attaching IS to α 7- that I thought that it would fit most to me. Besides installing in a large format camera at the studio, thanks to the shallow frange-back, we opened the possibility to use various Vintage Lenses with the adapter. I usually take with PEN-F, but if I want to enjoy lenses from other companies, attach the adapter to α 7ii and take it out. It is strange, but I do not have a genuine lens. Besides having a short battery life, I do not feel dissatisfied. Thank you @tommi97 :)

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