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Eva I love this series with the cat and the train.
It's like following a story.

Satoshi T Thank you Eva, @Steve ! I will follow tookapic's last week theme.

Ron Dadoo this time the bulb is off ...

Satoshi T Thank you @Ron for seeing "Cm". now It's off because of bye bye light...

vera Nice symbolic with the lights that suggest inside, outside! The background make the illusion the scene is happening outside. Is it really outside?

Satoshi T Thank you @vera . Outside (lake) is created as illusion. At a later date, I will exposure of a trick if there is a chance.

noun I love all your last weekly theme pics!

Satoshi T Thank you very much @noun !

Sheri B I really look forward to your Sunday pic. Thank you for creating such a sweet series.

Satoshi T I'm glad you enjoying this series, @Sheri !

Gabriela Jaworowska Ciekawa seria...ale Satoshi.T podoba mi się

Satoshi T cieszę się, że lubisz , @Gabriela !

craig This is a great way to end the themes!

Satoshi T Thank you @craig !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you Tomek and @Paweł :D

Chris Great picture!

Satoshi T Thank you @Chris, I also enjoy your light magic!

Jennifer Faye So nice!!

Satoshi T Thank you @Jennifer , I always enjoy your handsome birds.

Nacho Guevara Super enigmatic, there is a story going on.

Satoshi T Thank you Nacho! I enjoy Tookapic weekly theme, and every weekend I create small fantasy with this little black cat!

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