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Terry Artt Totally agree with this learning.

Alek Jedliński Second that insight! :)

vera I'm not a connoisseur or fan of trains, but your pic intrigated me... and I like very much your comment! It's so interesting to share on tookapic!

tania Fully agree with 14/30. What a mystery for me : all those details about locomotives... First I didn't know they had registration numbers, quite logical indeed. But names ?? And people like @Satoshi and you look at the registration's number before climbing on a train ? Wow. Sociologically interesting. What's more, you meet on Tookapic and find there a mutual interest. Re-wow...

Maybe it's just a guy's "thing"... As boys did you both play a lot with electric and wooden trains ? Okey, I stop here, I'm not a sociologist :)

Satoshi T I say to the Swiss people and I presumptuous, but allow me commentary from the opposite side of Earth , @tania :)

This locomotive Re460 has been developed yet time to Bassis tunnels has not been opened. In order to be able to pass through the mountain routes at high speed, it has been developed over the speed and power.

In addition to that, this locomotive combines the beauty. design was worked by Pininfarina as famous Ferrari.

For this reason, there are many fan in other countries, including Japan.

p.s. we can read resistration's number without climb them :) and famous Swiss place name has been given as a nickname for each machine. :)

Ian Prince Before this year I was like you and didn't know that trains had registration it must be tookapic that's made me start to notice the small details in things ;)

That said, I did have a train-set when I was small! And as Satoshi writes, the Re460 is rather a beautiful train!

tania OK @Ian and @Satoshi ! I learned here I'm totally ignorant about trains... [as a child I think I didn't have any...], but I'm going to observe our locomotives - event without climbing on ;) - and I'm going to try understand their beauty. I must confess I'm rather not sensitive to trains.

Satoshi T As @Ian saying, I seems tookapic is like just "Dreiländereck", a place where different country and different cultures intersect.

tania I'm pretty sensitive to that...

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