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Gabriela Jaworowska Ładnie z fotografowane...nie miałam, pewnie miło się słuchało piosenek

Satoshi T @Gabriela , to nie jest to zapis muzyki, jest zapis filmu.
W rzeczywistości ..., przez ostatnie 10 lat, tak jak mówisz, był używany w zastosowaniach piosenki akompaniamentu. Z Japonii jest "Karaoke".

Gabriela Jaworowska Dziękuję... Za podpowiedź

Rohini Here's to the old!!! Beautiful!

Satoshi T Thank you @Rohini !

Magda Korzewska Satoshi thanks for this pic. When I start work in Consumer Electronic sector, LaserDisc was already dead. It is nice reminder.

Satoshi T Thank you @magda , you worked Consumer Electronic Sector!
It seems side number "5". so, record length is 30min per side. We had to upset or change this 4 times during watch a movie...

Magda Korzewska Yes I still work, I sell Japanese brand in PL.

Satoshi T Thank you Magda, so you visited to Shinjuku. Thank you for handling Japanese products.

Roman Czarny cool summarized
- Star Wars - tomorrow will see the next section

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman , Star Wars started next generation, In the sense of commemoration, I took this.

Chris Breitigan I've heard of these but have never seen one! Very well done picture :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Chris . It has been designed for both sides play, two disks bonded with adhesive.
So, it is very heavy! and is unwieldy compared to CD,DVD and Blu-ray.

Ron Dadoo hahaha :-) nostalgy collector

Satoshi T Indeed! :-))

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey Obvious Cicerøn like !

Satoshi T Thanks, Cicérøn !

Magdalena Kucharska I liked the traditional, I like this one too!

Satoshi T Thanks @Magdalena , This might not accustomed to traditional. Heavy , Large, Rainbow color but Analog ... It is really like a dinosaur.

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