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Urszula Stachowicz I feel anxiety when I'm looking at your photo. So - good job! :D Now I won't be leaving my car on a dark parking. :P

Katrina Yu hehehe! Yeay ✌🏼 Thank you, I really wanted to have a "horror" movie effect.

I'm really scared of cockroaches, so dark parking spaces gives me anxiety too (plus too much crime shows), so... I got it worse?

Kateli Great serie of photos !!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much Kate!! I am in love with this series too. Must be the change in scenery.

aloogobi @katrina Y, yet another amazing photo. Your series and style is very unique and coherent. :)

Katrina Yu Thank you so much @aloogobi. I really appreciate your lovely comment.

It's been almost a year-long self-exploration journey. I was somehow lost artistically and other people's work influence me so much (though it's not a bad thing) but it still doesn't feel like me. I had always wanted to find that "style" that can be mine. Though I'm no way near there yet, you mentioning it is like telling me that I've finally reached the tip and now I have a direction to follow.

Hehe, can't help but reply a lot because your comment made me happy! So Thank you!!

aloogobi Hi Katrina, I meant it, your photos always stand out on tookapic! Not only I considered that an achievement and a proof of growth but I love that you have a message that goes with it.
Famous photographer Dorothea Lange once said: "The good photograph is not the object. The consequences of the photograph are the object". You've manage to create emotions and meanings, so I would say that these 'consequences' put your work into a 'good photography' category. :)