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Mikołaj Eś I knew it will looks like this! Had perfectly the same vision of this last photo in Vader's tookapic project :D

Agnieszka Wichrowska I will miss those crazy photos!!! May the force be with you ...:) :)

Leslie Umbria I'll go tonight! So long Sith-Lord!

Romanos Kalamatianos I 'll have to wait for a week, since then is the release date for my country

Ian Prince What a fantastic series! Perfect last photo.

Satoshi T May the Photos be with you, lovely Darth.

Jesse Lind I'm doing a star wars marathon tonight (only the last three) and I am going to see the movie on Monday! :) Awesome photo! :)

Aaaa New aargh

Yaya I Think I'll miss you @D.Vader 😔

Matias Chahbenderian I love your work!

mccdlan i like this

santiagoev Good evening,

I like your pictures a lot, I was wondering if I can post some of them in my Instagram page, I'm just starting @grandbythecode and it's better to always count with the author's permission. I'm trying to reach you through email because DM didn't work.

Appreciate the time you took reading this.


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