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Rafal Laczynski Wow PKP! :-)

Satoshi T Yes! Thanks @Rafal !

Artur Łobocki Great one. I'm impressed :)

Satoshi T I tried to make landscape with consciousness of Bridge, Wisła River , trees, grasses... I would like to try with reference your photos.

Piotr Good job! Amazing final effect.

Satoshi T Thank you very much Piotr!

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T This time I added wagons with blue and orange lines. They are for night trains I think. correct?

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Oh thanks @creonphotography for information of train composition! 😍

mrmm2017 Good effort! Very realistic.

Satoshi T Thank you!! This time I spent long time to prepare for the shooting. Thank you @mrmm2017 !

Michał Wow! Amazing job. It's look familiar like our bridge in Toruń. And that polish lokomotive :) Superb!

Satoshi T Oh thats bridge you took with x1000 ND filter near the station Toruń miasto! Thank you for your Information Michał!

Michał Seriusly?! what a luck! Hehe. You have done amazing work :D In return in nearest future you will see more pictures of PKP from Toruń. Follow my profile :)

120mr Nice colours!

Satoshi T Thank you! I am really enjoy Polish railway scene you took :)

120mr Thanks, and I'll be waiting for more your miniatures :)

Kazziz Master!
One correction - it's Wisła, not Wistła, English Vistula.

Satoshi T Oh Thanks @Kazziz , I corrected!

Mateusz Siuta Water looks very realistically! Great job Satoshi!

Satoshi T To express water, I spread Cooking wrap over the paper of the water color. When expressing fine waves, I try to grasp small and give them fine wrinkles. Thank you @Mateusz !

Danuta Championship! .... Water looks very realistic ,in what ways is it unusual you are the master, great applause @Satoshi !

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Danuta ! I really enjoy to create this and I am glad to hear about it from Polish members!

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