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Ron Dadoo Beautiful tribute, touching ...

Ron Dadoo hmmm. I prefere colors version ;-) but In the circumstance, black white goes well

Ron Dadoo I did not know this group before reading the unfortunate news in the newspaper this morning ... my culture is mainly francophone, especially the fault of my ignorance of English, it is a pity, there is a lot of interesting thing, but I still have time to discover ...

Katrina Yu Merci Pat. I would love to know more Francophone musicians, do you have a particular favorite? I actually listen to French rap. I used to study un peu de français as my next language but it's hard if you're not exposed in an environment. I plan to study French à Paris pendant 3 mois but nothing concrete yet cause it's not a major priority.

But of course, you'll say Paris is piss. hahaha
Just an example of a French speaking country. :P