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Bruce We can all learn from your grandma :-). I hope the rest of your trip goes well!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much @Bruce! The trip went smoothly after that. But my grandma speaks the most random of things too (like she would describe a person with so much pride as have eaten a lot of fried chicken) yet she'll come up with golden nuggets once in a while, you just never know! :D

Urszula Stachowicz I'd say like your Grandma it's only money, good you're alright. :) With another lovely photo. :)

Artur Łobocki Like 60's photo. Great!

jewels Sorry to read this Katrina! Hope you made it there safely :-)

vera The pic is great! But poor Katrina... what a fear you went through! luckily your life was not in danger... and perhaps one day you'll smile seeing this pic! ;-)

Katrina Yu Thank you, Vera! I've arrived home safely now.
But you're absolutely right, years from now, looking back, the days where we've felt the most (good and bad) will be the most beautiful. Enjoy your weekend!! <3

noun Wawww! Great pic! But so sorry for you!

Ron Dadoo The picture is excellent in these circumstances ... one of your best

Katrina Yu one of my best? Oh thank you so much, Pat! I'm flattered!!

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Katrina Yu Thank you thank you so much for this, @agnieszka_mw. This is really beautiful!! <3

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Katrina Yu Thank you so much Beata. <3 Airport mishaps are always stressful but funny to look back at.

Kateli Your grandma is a beautiful person and you're lucky to have her there to comfort you ! Hope you feel better now !! ??
Take care !! xx
PS : Tomorrow is the big day !!!

Katrina Yu Today is the big day!! :D :D

Thank you so much as usual Kateli.
I'm better now, safe and good.

*tight hugs*

Magda Korzewska So sorry for you Katrina. In pain you created pure art. Please have a look at Talks about Wes Anderson style photo. Yours fits perfectly. Would be great to have it tagged. BTW I am courteous where are you living?

Katrina Yu Thank you so much for this lovely comment, Magda. I look forward to seeing your take on Accidental Wes Anderson photo ;)
And, I'm currently staying in the Philippines.

Magda Korzewska I have such nice memory from holiday in Philippines. When my model is back from vacation I will try some AWA photo definitely.