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Etherliana Super!

vera Thank you Etherliana! :-)

Satoshi T Nice Tookafriend. nice <3 with droplets!

vera Thank you so much Satoshi! Yes nice Tookafriendship! :-)

tania I'm jealous !!! Loooooo♥️e this picture ! Well done copine !

vera Thanks a lot Tania!!!! :-)

mathilde24 Ohhhh quelle merveille . Merciiiiii

vera Merci à toi Mathilde!!! :-)

Magda Ko O yes this is jewel, I agree

vera You've got the same lens?

Magda Ko Yes, I have Vera

vera Great! What lucky you are! 👍🏼😉

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you very much Star Kat! :-)

Nutt You can see the garden in each drop. Gorgeous!

vera Thank you Nutt! I'm glad you like it! :-)

Comment was deleted

vera Thank you so much Anja!

Katrina Yu Oh Vera, this is so lovely!!! I'm trying to zoom in if I can find you in the droplets haha

vera Ahaha! I'm on the opposite side of the garden...


vera Thank you so much Kateli! I'm glad you like it!!!😊

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