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halfhearted Awesome pic! :)

Piotr Great! If you scroll a little down, it looks like avalanche.

tigg So: are you still in love with the Fuji? I have been admiring the output from the X T1 from a friend for quite a while, but as you know I am well committed to Olympus [also: have you heard from Oly re your broken EM5?]. I am very impressed by your shots from the Fuji, but I would be the first to acknowledge that is mainly due to the photographer and not the equipment! Would love to hear how you are feeling about these two brands.

Paweł Kadysz The quality of the image is far better on Fuji - there's no doubt about that. The film filters built in are also great. But...

I'm afraid I never fell in love with the Fujifilm camera. It's just not as fun to shoot with as Olympus. All the manual dials and the aperture ring make shooting with X-T20 slow and annoying. The user experience is so much worse.

And it's not like I'm used to the OIympus and Fuji is just new for me. It's not. I've been using it daily for 2,5 months now and it still is weird for me. It's sometimes even frustrating to use.

When I was shooting with the E-M5, every day I couldn't wait to grab the camera and just take photos, tens of them. With Fujifilm I only do this because of tookapic, and because the E-M5 is currently unavailable.

It may be a bit too harsh to say, but I feel like this camera is slowly killing the joy of photography in me. And it's really weird, becuase it's a great camera that produces beautiful images.

Once I get the E-M5 fixed I will probably put the X-T20 on sale and use the money to upgrade to either E-M5 II or III (if they announce it this fall).

tigg This has really surprised me! And thank you for your very detailed reply. I would have thought that the manual dials would have been a great joy to use - after all you can set either aperture or shutter to automatic I assume?
I agree it is weird - but you've got to enjoy a camera. That's why I've got a premium compact all boxed up ready to go. Hated using it when I took it out for a day in the spring; no point in keeping it. Ian got a new em5 ii when he sent his i in for repair. Fingers crossed for you.

Alek Jedliński I was also wondering about Fuji, thanks for your story.

Alek Jedliński Wow, this is a great looking cloud! :)

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