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Katrina Yu Sighhh, I have so much love for this.
(I run out of stars, I'll be back in 5 hrs haha 😂 )

The Madonna looking over the children, while the moon is sending its blessings at the same time. Very poetic.

Enjoy your adventures, Kate!! Looking forward to sharing it with you thru your captures. <3

p.s. there's a ranking system?!!! I didn't know that. No, I don't want to know that now that I know. hahaha Stress is not good for creativity. Loll Take care xx

Katrina Yu LOLLLLL, The Madonna is actually holding baby Jesus. lol
Okay, I had wayyyy too much computer today.

Kateli You're right, I shouldn't be affected by the rankings !! In fact, your and others comments are much more effective than the tookapic rankings system !! They boost me more than a number !!
I'm going to forget it and go on without wondering where I am in their rankings !!
You help me to see what is important and not ! Thanks ! !<3 <3

Kateli Hi hi hi !!!! xxx

craig What sublime composition!

Kateli Thank you so much ! Again, coming from you means a lot !!

craig I really love the shot on a number of levels!

Just read the comment from Katrina Y on the rankings system and thought I should enlighten you a bit about it. It is not really a reflection on quality of your work. It is influenced more by the length of unbroken stretch, the number of photos you have posted and the number of people you introduce to the site. I got a bit hung up on it when I thought it was based on quality or number of likes. I just ignore it now and concentrate on getting a shot. As you say comments are a bigger boost than numbers. Especially when my "ranking" could be altered significantly if my wifi was down for 3 days and I was unable to post.

Kateli You're quite right ! At the moment, on holiday, I go few days without any wifi !! I've let go now and don't care ! Still capture photos though !! :0)

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