half-hearted Looks like entry to the TMNT base 😃

Satoshi T Oh TMNT base!

vera So artistic manhole cover!

Satoshi T I will introduce other types . Thanks @vera .

Satoshi T @vera , @azumac introduced manhole cover of west area of Japan. "manhole cover with fire trucks" :)

jewels Oh I love these! They remind me of my trip to Tokyo <3

Satoshi T Oh you watched well when you visited in Tokyo!

jewels Oh absolutely! I was staying in the more traditional part of Shinjuku, near the park and I remember admiring them on my first evening in Tokyo. I have a few photos of them in my Japan album. So beautiful!

120mr So beautiful details!

Satoshi T It was impressed from your "Coat of arms" . Our waterworks bureau combine simple city symbol to create complex patterns. Thank you @120mr .

120mr Yay! :D

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