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Aleksander Dębowski Wow. Without the tripod? You are amazing. Rly. I always have problems with taking photos on long exposure without tripods help. BTW. Which station of PKM is it?

egzist Thanks but 0.4s is not much :) It's important to breathe out and to hold one's breath for the moment of taking pic. And it's Jasień station.

Aleksander Dębowski I will be there tommorow. But my target is a nearby lake.

Alek Jedliński Amazing. And it looks like it's wide angle even though it's not!

egzist It is wide angle, but it's manual lens Samyang 14mm and my camera doesn't see that :) maybe someone can help me find an option in Lightroom to correct exif for that lens?

Alek Jedliński Actually I had the same problem so I can't help. But it's strange because you have the 50 mm in your EXIF :)

Satoshi T Perhaps When it can not be determined the lens, canon camera record it's EXIF 50mm as default.
great long exposure without tripod egzist. I admire.

sarabembenek Zdjęcie wyszło świetne! ;)

Magda G Bardzo mi sie podoba mix kolorow - ladnie sie uzupelniaja :-) Sliczne zdjecie!

Artur Łobocki Great + sky extra points ;)

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. I'm so intrigued with how much one can do with constrains, I love this it's brilliant executed

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