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bartosz palus So what's the secret behind black background?

Magda Ko I think very strong light at hand the rest in shadow/dark. Time of exposure relatevly short (compensation -3 maybe). Very eyecatching photo.

Paweł Kadysz Strong and very focused light on the hand (made a cardboard tube to prevent the light from spilling all over the room). Between my hand and the glass there is a piece of white paper, so the light bounces off it and so you can actually see the beer. Without it, the glass was almost black as well.

jayce Playing with light is always complex (for me at least), excellent realization Pawel!

Magda Parkitna Looking at your project I have to say you drink too much beer;-)))) Cheers!

vera 🤣🤣🤣

Paweł Kadysz Some people have a glass of wine every evening. I have a pint of beer every other night ;)

LIDO Czary i mary. Fajny pomysł 👍

vera I love this idea of "floating hand"!

120mr Looks delicious.

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