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Roman Czarny Superb pic

Bruce Thank you, Roman :-)

NatZ Wow! That’s cool!

Bruce Thanks, Natz! :-)

m sky Fantastic!

Bruce Thanks!!! :-) :-)

Bruce Thank you! :-)

eventide Yay, it's awesome!
It's so kind that I could partly inspire such amazing work 😊

Bruce Thanks again for the idea - the sky looked so threatening yesterday, it needed a proper subject :-)

craig Wow Bruce! That's a bit different! I love it!

Bruce Thanks Craig, it was fun trying to draw a Dementor that looked half-decent :-).

Comment was deleted

Bruce Thanks, Beata! Still trying to exercise the right (creative) side of my brain :-).

Katrina Yu Have to file this one on my "extreme favorites" shelf!!!

Aneta Wojtaszak My son was delighted and so am I 🙂 Fantastic !