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m_rudziewicz Congratulations Vera, great achievement! :)

vera Thank you so much m_rudziewicz!!! Already ! Unbelievable ! I didn't even realized it's today my 730th...

Kateli Wow ! 2 years of tookapic !! Bravo !!!!!

vera Merciiii Kateli ! 💃🏻🥂🍸👌🏼💫

Ewa Kudlaty Congratulations @vera <3

vera Thank you very much Ewa!💖

tania Hey !!! J'ai pas réalisé !! bravo bravo ma très chère. trop fière de toi.... super continue !!!

vera Merci ma chère Tania! J'y ai pensé il y a quelques jours que mon projet se termine puis complètement oublié que c'était aujourd'hui avec les visites et les fêtes... je continue... 😘

Katrina Yu Congratulations, Vera!! So many people finishing at the end of December. :D

Love your project, you tackle so many different subjects that's always fun to see what you'll take next!! Thank you!

vera Thank you so much Katrina! I'm honored that you love my project! I'm curious to try several different things... not exactly an accomplished artist, but a searching artist 🧐😂. And yes it so difficult to follow everybody who has finished now! I understand very well! 😘

Kasia Congratulations Vera! :)

vera Thank you very much Kasia! 😃

Satoshi T Toutes nos félicitations @vera ! La deuxième année est rapide!

vera Merci beaucoup @Satoshi !!! c'est vrai! The second year has passed so fast! it was a little less difficult for me than the first year. There are habits, little tricks to keep the streak😉😊

Wojciech Congratulations @vera :)

abandrzej Gratulacje Vera

vera Thanks a lot @Wojciech 😃!

vera Thanks a lot @abandrzej ! 😃

Hanna Gawrychowska confratulations for your second round 🌹🌹🌹

vera Thanks a lot Hanna! It's nice to see you from time to time! 😃💐

Kwiacioland Gratulacje

vera Thank you very much Kwiacioland ! 😊

Piotr Congratulations on completing the project. Bravo :-)

vera Thanks a lot Piotr!😃

Ian Forbes Congratulations

Danuta I'm sorry Vera !!! :) , I did not notice that you finished your project and this is the second time ! :) .... for the second time completed, it is a beautiful job... BIG congratulations Vera :) !!!!

vera Thank you very much Danuta! A lot of people finished their project at the end of the year... and not easy also for me to follow every body! 😉

Danuta Yessssssssssss :D ... Every now and then I see the next ones they finished a few days ago :D

vera Easier when the pic itself is composed with candles 🎂 or a number of days!😃💫

Danuta hahaha it's easier to see it, it's very catchy! :D :D :D

Ron Dadoo Bravo Vera je suis fier de toi! :-)

vera Merci Ron Dadoo! J'ai failli m'arrêter... mais bon je continue...😅😅😅

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